Saturday Night Live just announced the lineup of its final three celebrity hosts and musical guests for the remainder of this season, and it's set to be a totally star-studded last month.

The show tweeted out a graphic of the hosts, writing, "We're wrapping up this season of #SNL with three amazing hosts and three amazing musical guests!" Scarlett Johansson is set to host on May 2 with musical guest Wiz Khalifa, Reese Witherspoon will host on May 9 with musical guest Florence + the Machine and Louis C.K. will host the final show on May 16 with musical guest Rihanna.

Witherspoon last hosted the sketch comedy show way back in 2001, while Johansson has hosted the show three times in the past. As for Louis C.K., his May 16 stint will mark his third time hosting.

Louis C.K. told the Hollywood Reporter that as much as he loves hosting Saturday Night Live, he's grateful he was never hired as a cast member despite auditioning for the show in 1993. He said, "I'm so glad I didn't get cast on SNL. I'm way better off because I host it now," he said. "That's a million times cooler and more fun because to be a cast member there or a featured player or writer is a perilous, difficult, grueling office job — like the worst kind of office job, a 12-hour-a-day job with no end in sight. As a host, you have dinner with the cast and you hang out with Lorne. You get the best of that guy, and he's a great New York institution. As a host, you get to just sit next to him and watch him do a thing that very few people do anymore. Spending a week there is one of my favorite things I get to do."

Check out the season's final SNL episodes when they air on Saturday at 11:30PM EST.