Redhead Schyler Dixon and her hipster mohawk-sporting brother Colton auditioned for 'American Idol' last season but didn't get very far. The judges remembered the sibling combo. Only this time, Schyler came to her audition solo, letting the judges know that her brother was sitting this year out to let her do her thing. What a supportive sib, right? Well, Jennifer Lopez wasn't having any of that, and she asked for Colton's presence on the stage and demanded he sing, too, and was obliged.

Schyler sang first. She has a smoky voice, one that is full of passion, if a little imperfect. However, her voice has developed and matured since we last heard from her, and that growth was demonstrated when she offered up a pretty version of the Script's 'Breakeven.'

The judges made Colton sing on spec, and he opted for David Cook's 'Permanent,' which was also well done. As stated earlier, he had a trendy haircut and a good look, and since imaging is so important on this show, he was impressive on all fronts.

Lopez and Company told the brother-sister tandem that they've grown and therefore both are headed to Hollywood and will live to sing another round.

Persistence often pays off on 'American Idol.' That is, if you can sing.

Watch Schyler and Colton Dixon Audition For 'American Idol'