Somebody call 911! Sean Kingston faced some serious charges when he was accused of gang rape, but the 'Fire Burning' singer has since settled the lawsuit surrounding the alleged incident. What happened?

TMZ reports that Carissa Capeloto, 22, claimed she was forced to have sex with Kingston, his bodyguard and a member of his band in a hotel room in July 2010. Capeloto claims she had seven to 10 shots of vodka and smoked a whole lotta weed.

Capeloto claimed that she was invited to Kingston’s hotel for a meet-and-greet with the Jamaican crooner (but really, what meet and greets take place in hotel rooms?). She claims she walked in to see a naked Kingston on his bed. Capeloto says that Kingston's bodyguard then picked her up and put her on top of the singer, resulting in an eventual alleged gang rape. Capeloto claims couldn't give consent because she was intoxicated, which, if you pay attention in sex ed and aren't a fan of victim blaming, is a true theory.

Capeloto was treated for physical injuries immediately following the incident. The criminal charges against Kingston were dropped in 2010 because Capeloto was deemed unsuitable to testify, claiming she suffers from mood swings, panic attacks and insomnia.

For his part, Kingston claims the entire encounter was consensual -- but settled the civil case anyway so he could focus his energy on his upcoming tour and album. Sources tell TMZ Kingston believes he would have won the suit had he taken it to trial. An insider explained, "Her story wasn't consistent. She told various stories throughout her interviews with police. Her friend's story wasn't consistent with hers. The medical report had no indications of force."

Of course, a lack of consent from an intoxicated woman may not warrant physical force anyway, but Kingston maintains his innocence 100 percent and believes he would be exonerated civilly the same way he was with the criminal case three years ago. It's unclear just how much cash Capeloto walked away with, but reports say it was merely a fraction of what she'd requested -- and it was just to make her go away, not to imply guilt.

Maybe trouble like this is why Selena Gomez supposedly didn't want Justin Bieber hanging out with him!