Dyllan Murray enlisted the help of Sean Kingston on his hot new single 'Boom Boom,' and we have the exclusive premiere of the music video. Check it out above!

The video starts off with Murray walking into the studio and greeting Kingston, telling him he needs a record with that "BOOM!" -- and of course, Kingston delivers.

The smooth R&B track is slick and addictive, especially when Murray leads up to that insanely catchy chorus, singing:

"It's like an 808, that's how my heart beats when you're next to me / Shawty, it's so crazy how the whole room shakes when we're face to face / It's like an 808, my heart's like an 808," he sings, before breaking out into the chorus, which is filled with infectious "boom booms" and even catchier beats. And Murray's dance moves are nothing to scoff at, either. He delivers the fast-paced moves with precision and style.

While the video is shot mostly in shadowy, dark colors, the premise of the song is actually pretty bright -- who doesn't love the excitement of dancing and being so close to a crush? In fact, the muted colors in the vid actually help make the premise more realistic. After all, the dance floor is usually dark when you're out on it, anyway. And it makes the prospect just that more alluring.

Check out the exclusive premiere of Dyllan Murray and Sean Kingston's 'Boom Boom' video above!