Sean Kingston's pants are on fire (burning). A day after he announced that Justin Bieber gifted him his used Fisker Karma, Biebs is denying the generous allegation.

Bieber received the Fisker Karma when he turned 18 in March, and it's the same vehicle in which he was in a high-speed paparazzi chase. The legal drama from the car chase is still ongoing, with Bieber filing a complaint against a particularly aggressive photographer.

When snappers spotted the Jamaican-born singer behind the wheel of the infamous chromed-out whip this weekend, Kingston told photographers, "When you’re best friends with one of the biggest artists in the world, you get all different type of gifts, you know? He left it at my house and told me I could drive it whenever. That’s the real story.”

The real real story? Something pretty different! Sources said today that Kingston asked Biebs if he could borrow the Fisker to go out to dinner with a lovely lady friend while Biebs was on his Believe tour. Bieber obliged, but now they're saying that the car is back in its rightful owner's garage and that Kingston's driving privileges may well have been revoked. That's bad Karma!

Bieber actually tweeted about the incident, pooh-poohing the pricey gift talk.

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