Selena Gomez is a really good friend. How do we know this, since we're not personally BFFs with her? Well, she went to rehab with her pal Demi Lovato!

But not because she had issues she needed to overcome. Instead, Sel went as a measure of support for her fellow former Disney and Barney buddy.

See, that's what besties do for each other.

Lovato, who has been in recovery for two years, spoke to a recovery group, which she does not do often, and she brought Gomez along for moral support.

TMZ reports that Lovato spent an hour talking to the group, relaying her tale of personal survival. She talked about her eating disorders and her cutting in detail and explained that she chose to reside in a sober living facility so that she could be surrounded by positive influences.

The singer also appeared on Craig Ferguson's 'The Late Late Show' to talk about her book, her connection to her fans and her heritage. She tucked her shoe-less feet underneath her while she sat and was incredibly playful with the host. It felt like watching two old friends chatting without a camera on them! They had great interviewer x interviewee chemistry.

Lovato also revealed that her mom and stepfather, who raised her, hate tattoos, but she has tons of them!

Demi's a rebel! And an inspiration. So is Sel for being a good BFF and attending the session with Lovato.

Watch Demi Lovato Being Cute With Craig Ferguson