Demi Lovato changes her hair with increasing frequency, but you can't argue with the results. She always looks fashion forward.

We noticed changes in colors and lengths, drastic shifts in styles (bangs vs. no bangs) and a willingness to experiment (she was all about the dip-dyes) as she began her first season on 'X Factor' in 2012. The sole constant is that Lovato is always on trend, no matter what the color or cut.

Like the blue-tinted fishtail side braid she rocked in her Teen Vogue spread, Lovato is always game for something new, different and exciting. She always follicle fabulous, but through it all, she remains uniquely Demi.

We've picked out some of the 'Heart Attack' singer's most memorable coifs of the past year and change. Check out the Best Demi Lovato Hairstyles below!

  • Shaggy Layers

    As Lovato promoted her 2013 album ‘Demi,’ she showed off her more natural locks. After a year’s worth of damaging dyes, root-ripping extensions and constant changes, she rocked a utilitarian, unfussy shag with tons and tons of layers in early 2013. It’s a rich brown shade, with a rugged, choppy texture that totally flatters her face shape. It’s refreshing to see her go messy, unkempt and rocker chick with her strands. It’s low maintenance, but still fashionable.

    Robin Marchant, Getty Images
  • Fiery Red Waves

    Lovato went with red-tined locks in early 2012 and this wavy style, with volume at the crown, was beautiful. It was so glossy it nearly blinded us, and the almost copper sheen was breathtaking. That said, a brown shade definitely suits her skin tone more, but the singer is adventurous and tried this shade for a minute. Besides, who doesn’t want to be a redhead every now and again? Lovato was so red hot that she was flammable.

    Frazer Harrison, Getty Images
  • Suicide Roll With Pink Dip-Dye

    Once again, there was a lot going on in the space of ONE of Lovato’s hairstyles. In this case, there was a circular, suicide roll perched atop her head, with pink dip-dye ends. Lovato’s overall look was exotic and extreme, thanks to the black winged liner and frosty pink lipstick in a matte texture. The result was otherwordly and futuristic, and her hair was nothing if not unforgettable. This isn’t a look she could pull off every day, but she did pull it off.

    Jason Arthurs, Getty Images
  • Two-Toned, Old Hollywood Pintuck

    There’s a lot going on here, but somehow, some way, it works. Lovato’s locks appear two-toned, with her dark roots showing, giving this Old Hollywood pintuck style a current, ombre hue. It’s a fussy bun with lots of peaks and valleys, but like most of her coifs, we loved it -- intricate updos are never boring with Demi. This style also shows off her swan-like neck and her near-perfect profile.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Messy Updo

    With sun-kissed skin and nude-glossed lips, Lovato fashioned her golden brown strands into a messy updo, the tendrils of which mimicked swooping side bangs. It’s a unique take on the bed head look and while it appears effortless, her stylist probably spent hours crafting those waves and fashioning the back into an updo. Overall, though, Lovato makes an intentionally sloppy style look sexy.

    Valerie Macon, Getty Images
  • Long, 'Slicked Black' + Sleek

    In early 2013, Demi Lovato's hair was super long, straighter than a razor’s edge, "slicked black" and sleek. At an outdoor performance, she wore her strands pulled tight into a high pony that sat on one shoulder. The locks were nearly pitch black, hence the term “slicked black.” This all could have worked against her and taken a turn for overly goth, due to Lovato’s porcelain skin and blood-red lips. However, her sunny smile kept this look from becoming too vampy.

    Frederick M. Brown, Getty Images
  • 'I Dream of Jeannie' Ponytail

    When Lovato hosted the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, she went all out with this high and tight, ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ style ponytail. It’s all extensions, but you can’t argue with the sexy, dominatrix nature of that leather wrap at the back of her head. It’s pulled taut and is an extreme look, but it shows off her gorgeous features and expertly curled lashes. She resembled some sort of Amazonian queen. This coif is about as high fashion as she’s ever gone.

    Jason Merritt, Getty Images
  • Chocolate Brown Waves

    Rich and shiny, chocolate brown strands falling in thick, disheveled waves? Lovato is at her most exotic when she rocks extra long, Rapunzel-like locks in deep, woody shades. There’s some caramel highlights woven into the mix, adding depth, texture and dimension. Her hair is her crowning glory, and even though she tries plenty of wild styles, a more conservative look like this is never boring.

    D Dipasupil, Getty Images
  • Beachy Blond Waves

    Lovato was an update of the Old Hollywood screen goddess with her cascade of beachy blonde waves. The deep side part and seemingly endless flow of white-blonde strands on one shoulder was a combo of classic and modern. It also allowed those megawatt lashes and that crimson-stained pout to stand out. This was Lovato at her most breathtaking -- she showed that she could look grown up without being boring or too mature.

    Christopher Polk, Getty Images
  • Blue, Dip-Dyed Strands

    Demetria was a rebel in the summer of 2012, trying everything. She lightened her usual chocolate locks to a bright, blonde shade and proceeded to play. Her dip-dyed, aqua blue tips looked uh-mazing on her. This look is tricky to pull off, as it can be very “junior high,” but Lovato sexed it up with lots of black and leather. The pop of color was fun, uninhibited and gave her a punk rock edge. It was Lovato’s adventurous twist on the ombre trend.

    Kevin Winter, Getty Images
  • Blunt, Blonde + Banged

    The 'Made in the USA' singer was severe with her blunt, blonde and banged ‘do in Fall 2012. It was a buttery hue, with heavy bangs and stick straight texture. On anyone else, like, say, troubled actress Amanda Bynes, it would've been too much, but Lovato was a true golden goddess. She smartly paired it with an embellished LBD and pale pink lips, and looked a bit like Barbie. It framed her face beautifully, but she didn’t stick with it for long. It was a sexy, gilded moment in time for her.

    Stephen Lawton, Getty Images