There's no denying that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are both extremely beautiful young ladies. Both of the talented former Disney starlets have their own distinctive looks, but when we set them side by side, who do you think takes the cake for the best smile?

Selena Gomez, aka Justin Bieber's main squeeze, is such an adorable yet stunning young woman. With her round face, dark, almond-shaped eyes, and flawless complexion, she's growing up to be one of the most stunning young entertainers of her time. Her smile only adds to her appeal, with her straight teeth and fuller lips.

Meanwhile, the ever gorgeous Demi Lovato has a quite different look from Ms. Gomez. Her face is more of an oval shape, while her beautiful brown eyes are much wider than her BFF's. Lovato also has a smile that sticks with you, as her pearly whites really pop every time she flashes a grin for the paparazzi.

So, out of Selena and Demi, whose smile do you think is better? Cast your vote below.

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