It's the battle of the smiles! If Miley Cyrus or Taylor Swift were up for the 'Best Smile' superlative in your high school yearbook, who would you have voted for? Both of these girls are absolutely gorgeous, but we want to know whose pearly white grin really dazzles you.

In the picture above, you can catch a glimpse of Miley Cyrus' and Taylor Swift's smiles. Recently engaged 'Party in the U.S.A.' songstress Cyrus looks very sexy in this picture, but her one-dimpled smile is just plain adorable. Meanwhile, single-and-loving-it 'Story of Us' singer Swift has a very relaxed smile that shows off her beautiful lips and nice teeth.

It's a tough decision, since Cyrus and Swift both have very contagious grins, but which of these lovely ladies do you think has the better, most red carpet-ready smile? Cast your vote for either Miley or Taylor below!

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