Breaking news: Beyonce is such a "Samantha" — at least, according to Sex and the City star Cynthia Nixon.

The actress, who portrayed dry-witted lawyer Miranda Hobbs throughout the series' entire run, breezily categorized everyone from political figures to pop icons by their appropriate SATC character. (Of course, this all went down on Watch What Happens Live, because Andy Cohen is a genius.)

In addition to Cynthia Nixon thinking Beyonce is a Samantha, she also claims that Queen Elizabeth is a Charlotte, Hillary Clinton is a Miranda, Oprah is a Carrie, Gandhi "is a Mr. Big, clearly," Michelle Obama is a Carrie and Lena Dunham is a Miranda. YAS. While we do wish Cynthia had elaborated on the logic behind her responses, her answers are still pretty amazing. You can watch the whole thing go down in the video above.

One person she didn't categorize, however, is Christina Aguilera, who is literally the reincarnation of Samantha Jones herself. Yes, we've already shared our thoughts on her jaw-droppingly accurate impression of Kim Cattrall-as-Samantha, but this is obviously the perfect time to share them again.

Even though Xtina did her Samantha impression on Saturday Night Live way back in 2004, she recently resurrected it with Seth Meyers, and for which we are grateful. Seriously: Homegirl nails Samantha's affect down to a T, sultry, breathy voice and all. Just watch that magic unfold in the clip below.

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