Sex songs are a staple in the music industry -- a right of passage, if you will. These types of songs can turn an ordinary pop star into the next big thing, all because the artist decided it was time for an image change. And for the record, we're certainly not complaining, we love ourselves a good sex song. It puts you in the mood, turns drooling into an acceptable form of admiring, and allows you to get a glimpse of a different side of an artist. Here's our list of the Top 10 Sex Songs that we think will rock your world... or your bedroom if you prefer a non-public setting. And that drooling thing we talked about? Don't do it on your keyboard. That's gross.

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    'I'm a Slave 4 U'

    Britney Spears

    Britney Spears, our queen, brought sexy back before her ex Justin Timberlake ever did with the 2001 release of 'I'm a Slave 4 U.' Critics said this sex song was Brit's most mature sound at the time -- for fans, it was her first foray into the more seductive Britney we know today. The video, though, is what people remember most -- it was the first time we as an audience were treated to Britney's KILLER body thanks to her barely there top and uber low-rise jeans. She was a "slave" to the music, dancing until we saw the sweat literally fall down her body. We're kind of getting sweaty now just thinking about it...

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    'What's Your Fantasy'

    Ludacris Feat. Shawnna

    "I wanna lick, lick, lick, lick you from your head to your toes," is a line from Ludacris' 'What's Your Fantasy' that we all know too well. Everyone else must've loved the song too, because it charted at No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100, and No. 5 on the rap singles chart back in 2000. With its sexually explicit lyrics revolving around kinky fantasies, intercourse, and a heck of a lot more, it's no wonder this song caught on. We remember getting down and dirty to this sex song at our Catholic high school dances back in freshman year. Oops.

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    Lady Gaga

    Lady Gaga hardly beats around the bush on her sexually-charged 2009 single 'LoveGame.' She leaves very little to the imagination as she drops overtly suggestive lines like, "Let's have some fun this beat is sick / I wanna take a ride on your disco stick," leaving many wondering not so much what a disco stick is, but how she came up with such an awesome phallic nickname? Anyway, this sex song captures that alluring, electric feeling you get when you first see that special sexy someone, whether it be a boy or a girl, as Mother Monster exemplifies in the super hot video.

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    Justin Timberlake

    So this particular song wasn't one of the singles Justin Timberlake released from his album of the same name, but it's definitely the hottest. JT sends our libido into overdrive on 'FutureSex/LoveSound,' with his breathy, whispery singing and bass-heavy rhythm. This top sex song also features lyrics such as, "Wait a second / She's hopped up on me / I've got her in my zone / Her body's pressed up on me / I think she's ready to blow." Phew! How jealous of Jessica Biel are you right now, ladies? We want JT breathing these lyrics in our ear!

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    'Bump n' Grind'

    R. Kelly

    R. Kelly's 'Bump n' Grind' had a lot to be proud of during its release back in 1994. Not only did it reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, but it also spent 12 weeks at No. 1 on the U.S. Hot R&B Songs chart. Before his 'Trapped in a Closet' days, R. Kelly was actually a smooth R&B singer. With his pelvic thrusting and hip swaying, he drove the ladies crazy with this sex song, especially with lyrics like, "See I know just what you want and I know just what you need girl / So baby bring your body to me / I'm not fooling around with you baby." Now we know why the girls were bumpin' and grindin' for Mr. Kelly...

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    Rihanna may be bad, but don't worry, because she's perfectly good at it! Bad Gal RiRi was singing about 'S&M' way before '50 Shades of Grey' made it a mainstream topic of discussion... sorry E.L. James. On the uptempo 2011 jam, which went to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, Ri gets down and dirty while singing about how "whips and chains excite" her and how she loves the smell of sex in the air (kinda gross, no?). The sex song is so steamy, that it was barred from daytime airplay on U.K. radio stations, and the even S&M-ier video was banned completely in 11 different countries.

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    'Lemme See'

    Usher Feat. Rick Ross

    When it comes to baby makin' music, few can deliver quite like Usher. On his 2012 single 'Lemme See,' which features a rap verse from Rick Ross, Usher debates whether or not to take a lady home from the club over a provocative beat of synth and snares. This girl's got big plans for the bedroom, apparently, but unlike Rihanna's boo, Usher isn't around to just talk that talk all night: "You can say it all night long / That you couldn't wait to get me home alone / What you gon' do to me / Don't talk about it, be about it / Let me see, let me see, let me see." Too. Sexy.

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    'Untitled (How Does It Feel)'


    When D'Angelo unleashed 'Untitled (How Does It Feel)' on New Year's Day, 2000, women all over the world nearly combusted from sensuality overload. Penned by D'Angelo and Raaphael Saadiq, this sex song has gone down in history as one of the best songs to get down to, whether it's with the love of your life or Mr./Mrs. Right for Right Now. Between D'Angelo's flawless falsetto and the steamy, knee-weakening lyrics ("Listen girl, I have something I wanna show you / I wish you'd open up cause / I wanna take the walls down with you"), 'Untitled' is one surefire panty dropper.

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    'I'll Make Love to You'

    Boyz II Men

    Ugh this song... THIS song, is the epitome of all love songs -- it'll make any girl feel special and sexy and all of the above. 'I'll Make Love to You' spent an incredible 14 weeks at the top of the charts and it set the record for most weeks at No. 1, tying Whitney Houston's 'I Will Always Love You.' It won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals and ranks No. 17 on Billboard's All Time Top 100. Till this day, within seconds of hearing the first lines, "Close your eyes, make a wish / And blow out the candlelight," we swoon -- not much has changed since we first heard it in 1994.

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    'Justify My Love'


    Madonna is no stranger to controversy, so are you really surprised that 'Justify My Love' is our pick for the No. 1 sex song? Didn't think so. The steady, almost pulsating rhythm in combination with Madge's spoke-word lyrics ("I'm open and ready / For you to justify my love"), 'Justify My Love' is perfectly constructed lovemaking music. While this track might be oozing sex, it's the NSFW music video that caused the most drama -- it was banned by MTV and the BDSM filled, semi-nudity-laden clip became a best-seller when it was released on VHS.