When we saw the 'Frozen' "sexy" Olaf costume, we could barely believe our eyes. But once we started digging through the darkest, deepest corners of the Internet, it turns out there is an entire market for weirdly "sexy" Disney Halloween costumes -- and Olaf was just the tip of the iceberg.

Check out our ranking of the 10 most ridiculous "sexy" Disney Halloween costumes -- with No. 1 being the most ridic -- below. Plus: To get you in the Halloween spirit, check out our Halloween party playlist on Beats Music here.

10. Sexy Mary Poppins


As strange as a sexy Mary Poppins is, this Halloween costume makes the No. 10 spot because she is the only actual human character on this list.

9. Sexy Sorcerer Mickey


The sorcerer would not approve of this sexy Mickey costume.

8. Sexy Donald Duck


He may not wear pants, but we definitely wouldn't consider Donald Duck -- as much of a Disney staple as he is! -- to be as sexy as this Halloween costume.

7. Naughty Nemo


Nemo was just a young fish just trying to get home to his dad. No thanks.

6. Sexy Pinocchio


Pinocchio doesn't even become a "real boy" until the end of the movie, so we don't think he ever had any intention to one day become a sexy girl.

5. Sexy Olaf


More like NOlaf.

4. Sexy Pluto


We're pretty sure that Mickey's dog Pluto wasn't intended to have cleavage -- or a smoky eye -- like in this costume.

3. Sexy Dwarf


The seven dwarves from 'Snow White' were little old men. Adorable (and bashful, sneezy, etc.) -- but not hot. And FYI, this costume is technically called 'High Ho.'

2. Flower


The aptly named Flower is Bambi's pal skunk. And how a skunk could ever be sexy (unless you're Pepe Le Pew, of course) is beyond us. P.S.: This costume retails for a whopping $239.95.

1. Jiminy Cricket

3 Wishes

Worse than an adorable skunk, Jiminy Cricket is an adorable bug. And he's Pinocchio's conscience to boot. Somehow, we don't think that cartoon Jiminy Cricket would think this costume was morally redeeming.

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