It's going to be a whole new look for Beatrice (aka 'Tris') in 'Insurgent'!

In an interview with BuzzFeed to promote the 'Divergent' Blu-ray and DVD release, Shailene Woodley revealed that she has opted to keep her short pixie haircut for movie's sequel, 'Insurgent.'

“I talked to the director [Robert Schwentke] because I didn’t want to wear a wig. I think wigs always look wiggy, especially in an action movie. We’re running so much and doing so much, I think, technically, a wig would have looked quite sh--ty," she told the site.

Woodley has been sporting short hair as a result of her movie, 'The Fault in Our Stars,' where she played a young girl afflicted with cancer.

As for other things we can expect from 'Insurgent,' Woodley revealed that she feels the sequel will be more "mathematical." Woodley explained, "In this movie, we’re adding a lot of smaller beats to the scenes that aren’t necessarily on the page. So to work with people like Octavia [Spencer] and Naomi [Watts], who are so good at that and so good at flowing with what naturally happens, that artistic license is very nice.”

'The Divergent Series: Insurgent' is based on the second book in the best-selling series by Veronica Roth. The movie will open March 20, 2015.