The most unforgettable thing about the Shakira x Rihanna duet 'Can't Remember to Forget You' is likely the sexy video where the two divas cavort in a bed. But the song itself is a grower; it grows on you after multiple listens, thanks to the ladies and their vocal chemistry, to say nothing of their physical heat!

The song explores the idea of having that one lover that you just can't shake or get out of your life, no matter how hard you try.

You know better, but once you lay your eyes on them, the best laid plans are instantly scrapped.

Here's how we've broken down the song's lyrics.

"I left a note on my bed post / Said not to repeat yesterday's mistakes / What I tend to do when it comes to you / I see only the good, selective memory."

Shakira's narrator can't remember that it's better to forget the heartbreaker because she is too busy being enamored by him. Doing what's right isn't always easy, especially when a relationship is so complicated and complex. Notice that she leaves the note on her bed post, which is likely why she has amnesia about his bad qualities. The physical nature of the romance erases that frustration -- for now.

"The way he makes me feel like / The way he makes me feel / I never seemed to act so stupid / Oh here we go / He's a part of me now."

Obviously, this is one boy who gets the best of her, making her act like a little girl with no control over her emotions or her heart. Who hasn't had one of those? It sucks to have such little control over your heart, but that's what happens when love, or, in this case, lust infests your body and brain. It's the best and worst feeling there is.

"I keep forgetting I should let you go / But when you look at me / The only memory / Is us kissing in the moonlight."

She can write all the notes she wants and can tell herself that he is no good and bad for her, but once they lock eyes and she thinks of those smooches, all the bad falls away and she is overcome and overtaken by their passion.

Passion is a killer -- it'll get you every time.

There you have it -- the PopCrush read of 'Can't Remember to Forget You.' How do you hear or interpret the song's lyrics?

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