In an emotional 14-minuted vlog recently uploaded to his official YouTube channel, prominent YouTuber and Internet personality Shane Dawson—perhaps most known for his comedic sketch videos featuring a collection of wacky recurring characters—has come out as bisexual. The 26 year old vlogger, whose channel has amassed over 6.7 million followers since its creation over 7 years ago, reveals in the intimate clip, "I'm Shane. I'm a comedian, I'm a writer, I'm a director, I'm a YouTuber, I'm a podcaster... and I am bisexual."

Wearing a casual pullover and talking directly into the camera, Dawson avoided the typical bells and whistles of production for the clip, opting instead to for a more stripped down, personal video in which he could just talk freely. "I just wanted to turn on my computer, and talk to you guys, 'cause that's what I have done since 2008 when I started this channel, and I just want to be honest," he explains. "And I'm making this video because I feel like it can help a lot of people. Over the last year, I have been extremely sexually confused. I mean, [I have been] my whole life—but this last year is when it really hit me."

He goes on to explain that over the years he repressed his feelings after being told by his family that "God will not accept that," shortly thereafter turning to food for comfort. After losing the weight, he created his YouTube channel, which then led to viewers calling him gay, which he in turn became overly defensive about. "I started really hating myself, and really being ashamed and scared, and I turned to [an] eating disorder and depression. I really went on a journey of self hatred..."

This story has a happy ending though. Last year, Dawson pursued therapy and finally began "talk[ing] about it," working through his sexual confusion and coming to the realization—with help from his therapist—that he's bisexual, a realization he's now sharing openly with his followers in the hopes that his struggle and journey will help others, as well as provide transparency.

"From now on, you know everything about me and that feels so f---cking good because I feel like I've been hiding for so f---cking long."