Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams are fathers!

On Sunday (Dec. 10), the popular YouTubers announced the arrival of their twins born via surrogate on Dec. 7. They named the boys, Jet Parker Adams Yaw and Max Chandler Adams Yaw despite their due date being Jan. 4. The couple have documented their journey to becoming fathers on Adams' YouTube channel, with their last vlog being posted a week prior.

"There’s no words to express how it feels to be the fathers of these two beautiful boys," they said in a joint Instagram statement alongside photos of them and the newborns at the hospital. "The best day of our entire lives and nothing else will ever compare. We probably won’t be showing much of them in the future but because many of you have been on the journey with us we felt it was right to show the destination. We are so unbelievably grateful. Thank you for the love and support during this entire process. We can’t wait for all the moments that are on the way. Cherishing every single one."

On Apr. 22, the couple discovered that their surrogate was pregnant. Then on July 7, the pair announced that they were expecting twins and shared a video of their travels to Seattle to see their surrogate's six-week ultrasound. The couple explained that they wanted to document the journey for them to be able to look back on with their little ones.

“This is the craziest experience of my whole life,” Dawson said in the vlog. “This is a moment that we’ve been waiting for forever and I can’t believe it's happening!”

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