Shane Dawson has a new video up in which he talks about the various Disney conspiracies that exist on the Internet. They're all pretty racy in nature, ranging from the supposed inclusion of the word 'sex' during a scene in 'The Lion King' to some questionable 'Little Mermaid' cover art reportedly created by a disgruntled Disney employee.

Disney conspiracy theories run pretty rampant online, and have for a while, sometimes bringing forth an explanation from Disney itself. One example of the theories Shane brings up -- the aforementioned 'sex' that appears during a 'Lion King' scene -- has actually been addressed by the company. According to E!, they say the true intention was for the letters 'SFX' to be spelled out as a way to honor the special effects team that worked on the movie. It's interesting to note which theories Disney has been able to debunk and which ones they've either confirmed or remained quiet on.

Check out the video above to see what else Shane brings up. Do you agree with him? Disagree? After you watch, be sure to let us know how you feel in the comments below!