Ever wonder what Sia's "Chandelier" would look like if Maddie Ziegler performed disciplined crescent kicks and forearm blocks instead of aerial cartwheels? Look to "Alive" for your answer.

The video for the first single from the upcoming This Is Acting finds a young warrior perfecting martial arts techniques in a sprawling, abandoned warehouse. After stirring the contents of a pot to her satisfaction, the fighter stands up—eyes intently fixed on something out of frame—and begins to shadowbox.

Dressed in a traditional gi, a well-deserved black belt and a black-and-white bob wig that has become standard in Sia's more recent projects, the fighter continues to simulate a battle and scream until the apparent mission reaches completion. And then, a final, formal bow signifying the performance's end.

The song's initial lyric video, which was released in October, carried a noticeably different feel, and found a group of faceless graffiti artists masked by hoodies on the run around Los Angeles neighborhoods.

This Is Acting is due out on January 29, 2016, and a second song from the project, "Bird Set Free," was released earlier this week. Sia will appear as Saturday Night Live's musical guest on Saturday (November 7) in an episode hosted by Presidential hopeful Donald Trump.

Check out the video for a pretty remarkable demonstration of discipline, and tell us what you think!

This is what Sia really looks like:

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