Eyeing a beaver fur stole or jackal pelt as Christmas approaches? Well, in an alternate universe, they're eyeing you.

In a brand new ad campaign released by PETA today (November 23), the runways of Paris and Milan are occupied by tall, statuesque animal models, and the new trend for winter is skin, skin, skin! In the clip above, seals, foxes and majestic birds strut in front of eager audiences while donning avant-garde pieces fashioned out of human hands, hair and stretched membranes. Eventually, the veil is lifted on the show's production team, and the camera pans to a caged, terrified child backstage, who's being groomed for the coming season's new looks.

"Take off your skins. Put on your humanity," a final, stark message pleads before credits roll.

PETA said in a statement the ad was meant to cast a light on abusive practices enlisted by fashion houses, and Sia, whose "Free The Animal" fittingly serves as soundtrack, says she was more than happy to lend her 1,000 Forms of Fear tune.

"Cruelty-free vegan fashion is more popular than ever and reflects changing attitudes over killing animals for their skins," she told the company. "I was happy to lend my song ‘Free the Animal’ to PETA for use in this important PSA."

Check out the video above, and tell us if it's giving you seconds thoughts about your latest leather or snakeskin ensemble.

FYI, This is what Sia's face looks like: