After a fan threw Skittles at Harry Styles while he was on stage in Los Angeles Monday night (Nov. 14), hitting the singer in the eye in the process, the candy company issued a firm PSA to concert-goers.

"Don't think I needed to say this: Please don't throw Skittles," the company tweeted Tuesday (Nov. 15).

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Styles was taking a bow during his sold-out, 15-night Love On Tour L.A. residency when an audience member hurled Skittles at the singer. The hard, round candies landed a direct hit in his eye.

Fans captured several angles of the incident, where. In most footage, Styles can be seen physically jolting after the candy strikes him.

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Online, many fans expressed their outrage over the incident, citing the dangers of throwing items on stage at performers.

"The way his body literally flings back, how f---ing hard did they throw it and WHY did they throw it," one fan tweeted.

Others wished they could avenge Styles.

Styles mentioned the incident jokingly in the comment section of his musical director's Instagram live stream afterward.

"Vibes are immaculate here. See you tomorrow AVEC eye patch," Styles said.

"H came through and confirmed that his eye is okay," Pauli, the musical director, said in the stream, adding: "But do me a favor, don't throw no more Skittles on stage."

Pauli also posted an Instagram Story wearing a T-shirt depicting Styles with an eye patch that reads: "Vibes are immaculate here."

In a coincidental turn of events, Styles isn't the only One Direction member who was injured during or after a show recently.

Louis Tomlinson broke his arm after his New York City performance at Irving Plaza Nov. 11.

Tomlinson shared a note on Instagram about the fall that caused the break.

"Thank you to everyone that's listened to the new album so far, it means the world to me. The show last night in New York was incredible. Unfortunately, on the way back, I've managed to fall and break my right arm pretty badly," he wrote in a statement.

Tomlinson recently released his sophomore LP Faith in the Future and was in New York City to perform new and old tracks from his solo albums.

The singer also had in-store signings lined up, which he announced will be rescheduled.

"Thank you for all your support and sorry to anyone who was coming next week," he concluded the statement.

Tomlinson also shared X-ray images of his broken arm in the post.

Someone please keep their eyes on Liam, Niall and Zayn!

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