If you've never been so hungry that you go into a blackout rage and have to be physically restrained from setting vending machines full of Doritos on fire because you have no cash on you to get them the normal way, then you have a rare gift called 'normalcy.' For the rest of us, there's the plight of the hangry -- and it's a very real and dangerous shortcoming. Snoop Dogg does a great job explaining the pain of being hangry (hungry + angry, to break it down for you) in his 2015 Super Bowl Ad.

The ad sees Snoop sitting on a couch, asking, "You hangry? Know the signs: uncontrollable yelling, hallucinations, pants discomfort." Gilbert Gottfried aka Iago from 'Aladdin' and that jarringly uncomfortable 'Fifty Shades of Grey' reading, lends Snoop a hand by demonstrating the symptoms that come with being hangry.

Snoop then goes on to give everyone the remedy for being hangry -- the Eat24 app, an online food delivery service that Snoop proclaims is "the best motherf---ing way to order food online."

Check out the 2015 Super Bowl ad posted above!