Soulja Boy is certainly not afraid of showing his affinity for marijuana. Yesterday (April 17th), the rapper retweeted a picture sent to himself and Snoop Dogg, showing the 21-year old looking giddy a at marijuana dispensary.

"@SnoopDogg #puffpuffpasstuesdays," Twitter user @therealhani wrote, with the photo attached. "@souljaboy smoke us out already."

According to TMZ, the photo is a recent flick, snapped at a California-based dispensary owned by one of Soulja Boy's friends. In the shot, he holds up a large plastic bag filled with weed, while cradling another two more jugs filled with the drug.

A rep for Soulja Boy said while he was "amazed by the inventory," he did not actually purchase any marijuana on the day of his visit.

For his part, Soulja seemed pleased that he was back in the news. "hey fans guess what? I seen myself on TMZ today and guess what? I didn't get mad at all. I finally figured out its all apart of the game," he wrote on his Twitter account. "I figured out when you work hard for something and you get hot with your music TMZ and blogs come with it. I accept it now!!! a better me."