People are reacting to the U.S. House passing a bill that wants to ban popular social media app TikTok. And they are not happy.

The infamous bill passed in the House on Wednesday (March 13) despite pushback from the public, civil liberties organizations, and TikTok's parent company, ByteDance.

The bill now heads to the Senate.

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After news of the bill's passing, people expressed their frustration on Twitter/X.

Many people pointed out that it seems like the government has an extensive list of other major problems to contend with that should be more urgent than banning a social media app.

"Teachers underpaid, 0 gun laws to keep people safer, womens rights are being questioned, the LGBTQ+ community is constantly under attack.....but they got time to vote to ban TikTok," one person tweeted.

Another Twitter/X user echoed the same sentiment by using a GIF of Adele looking confused.

Someone else noted that many people use TikTok to discuss important issues, such as affordable housing.

Others wondered how the potential ban could affect influencers who use TikTok as their main source of income and outreach.

That also includes small businesses, which actively use TikTok to gain audiences and customers via live streams, TikTok Shop and more.

And many people pointed out that the ban of TikTok seems a lot like censorship.

"TikTok has become incredibly effective in educating the public on topics main news outlets won't even cover. It's an accessible way for people to share crucial information in a digestible format. They want to censor that," one person wrote in a tweet.

See more reactions to the TikTok ban, below:

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