Victoria Beckham successfully mutilated the hearts of hopeful Spice Girls fans everywhere when she confirmed, through her rep, that a 20th anniversary reunion for the girl group was totally off the table -- at least, for her. "Viva Forever" quickly turned into Viva Never with a single report from TMZ, and all candles of optimism were swiftly extinguished.

But not so fast! Those of you who remain intent on seeing the Spice Girls perform together again may not be entirely out of luck — so long as you’re cool with an incomplete version of the group.

Geri Halliwell Horner -- aka the long-ago Zayn Malik of the group when she abruptly quit in 1998 -- semi-confirmed that they’d go ahead with the rumored anniversary appearance anyway, even if it has to be done without a certain someone.

"Well, we haven’t got anything definite, concrete,” Geri offered during a radio interview with The Chris Evans Breakfast Show while promoting her upcoming appearance on The Great British Bake-Off. "When it’s definite we’ll announce it together, and it will be the four of us, but we can ask Adele instead."

Why Adele? It turns out she was a huge Spice Girls fan growing up. During her recent appearance on James Corden the "Hello" singer said, “It was a huge moment in my life when [the Spice Girls] came out…It was a really important period of my life,” before launching into a lively carpool karaoke rendition of “Wannabe."

Listen to Geri encourage the Spice Girls reunion anniversary in the audio clip above.

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