Entertainment Tonight caught up with The Duffer Brothers, as well as executive producer Shawn Levy, on Tuesday (June 6) to get the inside scoop on Season 2 of Stranger Things.

Speaking with ET, Levy teased that the nine episodes coming in October will be "spookier, scarier and bigger" than the first season.

"Let's put it this way: it's definitely spookier, scarier and bigger in its action in spectacle," he revealed. "But I'm also quick to add, because so many people have talked about dark season two, it is still these characters that we love… because we're not Stranger Things if we don't root for these innocent, broken and not quite, you know, fitting into any mold characters. That applies to our kids, who are like magic, and our teenagers, who are trying to find their way."

"So, season two is darker, but season two is very much still about us following this ensemble of characters through their challenges and their lives," he continued.

Meanwhile, the frightening alternative universe of the Upside Down will be explored more in the second season.

"I'm barely going to confirm that there is an upside down in season two! I will confirm that," Levy shared, adding, "Definitely when you hatch a world like the upside down you're not going to abandon it in future seasons, and there are other threats that make a single Demogorgon look quaint. Just like that."

The Duffer Brothers also confirmed to ET that the second season of the hit Netflix show will include a "human villain" in new character Billy. And as for Millie Bobby Brown's fan favorite, Eleven? Viewers will see a "very different" version of her when it comes to "look and personality," as she embarks on a "journey of self-discovery."

"Our goal was to satisfy this profound curiosity about Millie's character and just this female, heroic kind of apparition that the world really embraced, obviously, in season one," Levy added, revealing that the mysterious breakout character will be even more of a major player this year. "But we also have to kind of make sure we're not just giving story elements because we think people want them."

"We want to be a satisfying show," he continued. "We're not making the show for ourselves. We're making it for the fans, but it's our instincts that brought us here to this red carpet, so we have to kind of quiet the noise enough to keep hearing and following our own instincts."

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