Former Canadian pop star Skye Sweetnam, who opened for Britney Spears in 2004, has spent the last few years fronting the alt-metal band Sumo Cyco. With two independent releases under their collective studded belts, they're set to release Initiation later this year and have just released a music video for the empowering "No Surrender."

Sweetnam released two albums as a pop artist — Noise from the Basement in 2004 and Sound Soldier in 2007 — before making her transition into the world of heavy music as the frontwoman for Sumo Cyco, who first formed in 2011.

"No Surrender" still bears some familiar hallmarks of pop, not that rock as a whole has been a stranger to these elements over the last handful of years in particular. Sticky sweet, catchy and still heavy, the song offers plenty of variety.

"'No Surrender' is about the struggle to be your authentic self, living your truth and battling inner demons," said Sweetnam. "The music video depicts four characterized versions of myself representing different sides of my personality and how I see myself. They’re lurking in the darkness over my shoulder, always questioning each other’s decisions.

She continued, "The song is written from the perspective of the voice or voices in my head. Telling me to run one moment and another to hold my ground and another to fight back. In between some epic rocking out with the band, I wanted the viewers to visualize the colorful juxtaposition that goes on in my mind."

Below, watch the video for "No Surrender" and view the album artwork and track list for Initiation, out May 7 through Napalm Records. Pre-orders can be placed here.

Sumo Cyco, Initiation Album Art + Track Listing

Sumo Cyco, 'Initiation'
Napalm Records

01. "Love You Wrong"
02. "Bystander"
03. "Vertigo"
04. "Bad News"
05. "No Surrender"
06. "M.I.A."
07. "Cyclone"
08. "Run with the Giants"
09. "Overdrive"
10. "Power & Control"
11. "This Dance Is Doomed"
12. "Awakened"

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