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Justin Bieber Surprises Selena Gomez in Florida
Selena Gomez left the Florida set of her upcoming film 'Spring Breakers' nearly two weeks ago to fly to Los Angeles to celebrate her boyfriend Justin Bieber's 18th birthday with him. That's dedication and love, right? Well, The Biebs reciprocated this past weekend in order to tak…
Demi Lovato Bashes Blind Items
Demi Lovato may be happy with her new beau, but one thing she is far from thrilled with? Blind items said to be about her. The 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer lashed out against said items on Twitter.
Hilary Duff Wears Mustaches + Offers Celebrity Pregnancy Tips
It feels like Hilary Duff has been pregnant for, like, ever. She's ready to pop, with her first child, a boy, due any day now. Even though she's bursting and likely has swollen ankles and a sore back from carrying around all that baby weight, the former teen queen still has her sense of humor. She f…
Joe Jonas Supports Cancer-Stricken Fan in Video
Joe Jonas has a heart of gold. The singer (and serial dater of super hot women) tweeted a video that he filmed specifically for a fan named Amber who resides in Chicago and that he met last year. Amber clearly made a lasting impression on the middle Jo Bro, so much so that he issued this call to act…

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