Justin Bieber may be attending the premiere of 'The Hunger Games,' which is shaping up to be the mother of all franchise launches, this Monday, March 12 in Los Angeles. He's working on 'Believe' in the City of Angels, so he's local and this event would be a promotional goldmine for the singer. His girlfriend Selena Gomez won't be on site, since she is back to shooting 'Spring Breakers' in Florida.

Sel's publicist confirmed to Hollywood Life that the 'Who Says' singer is staying put on the East Coast because of her schedule commitments. (She flew out for the Biebs' birthday, but that's a huge deal!) As for the premiere, Biebs can go solo or perhaps he can squire Carly Rae Jepsen, as Hollywood Life suggests.

Jepsen, 26, is Canadian, signed to Bieber's label and is enjoying the escalating success of her single 'Call Me Maybe.' She is a fan of 'The Hunger Games' book series, having tweeted that she is "obsessed" with it, so she is likely dying to go. It would stand to reason that Biebs would take her to the red carpet event, so that she could gain even more publicity from being seen with him.