Demi Lovato may be happy with her new beau, but one thing she is far from thrilled with? Blind items said to be about her. The 'Give Your Heart a Break' singer lashed out against said items on Twitter.

Recently, many gossip sites posted rumors presumably about Lovato without using her name. These blind gossip items referred often to a starlet in need of more rehab than she's had previously. Blind item haven Blind Gossip posted an item on March 5 that was barely blind at all -- that is, to us. (But, we really don't know!)

"She is also promoting a television special on – wait for it – how she has stayed strong and sober and sexy for the past year. It’s not about genuine recovery. It’s about PR," the item said. "There will be no mention during the special about her severe relapse and her health scare and the two more stints in rehab this year. Those were 'vacations' and 'retreats.'"

cleansing retreat" last month, right around the time rumors of a
return to rehab surfaced. This made frequenters of the blind items assume, understandably, that the tales were about Lovato. Apparently the former 'Sonny With a Chance' starlet caught wind of the anonymous stories, and you better believe that they didn't sit well with her:

For their part, Blind Gossip issued a response -- and this was technically "blind" too, despite its transparency:

We don’t Twitter, but it has come to our attention that a certain celebrity is blasting us on Twitter right now!

What fun! A celebrity engaging in a Twitter war with a non-celebrity who isn’t even on Twitter!

Girl, please go back to rehab. Your real friends are worried about you. A six-month stay would be ideal. We suggest Promises or Sober Living by the Sea. You’re familiar with both facilities, right?

Love, Ace

PS: Both Blinders and The Girl’s fans and fanatics are welcome to comment on this thread and to provide support and encouragement to The Girl. Yes, she will be reading your comments!

These all emerged hot on the heels of Lovato's 'Stay Strong' documentary premiere, during which she admitted to cutting herself and throwing up since treatment. It's an ongoing process, and we're sure her Lovatics appreciate her honesty.

What do you think about the Blind Items? Do you think she's in denial of her issues? Sound off in the comments!