Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of the Pretty Reckless, is watching ‘True Blood’ every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush. Below is the ‘Heaven Knows’ singer’s reaction to the latest episode of the final season of ‘True Blood.’ Stay tuned to PopCrush for more ‘True Blood’ guest columns from Taylor!

Episode 7 begins with Eric, Pam and Mr. Gus Junior interrogating Amber about Sarah’s whereabouts. Eric becomes enraged and kills Amber because she won’t tell them where Sarah/Numi has disappeared to, despite the fact that she is the antidote for Hep-V. Mr. Gus Junior proposes the idea of finding Sarah and synthesizing her blood to create a product called “Nu Blood” that will serve as an over-the-counter cure for infected vamps, with Eric serving as the spokesperson.

Sarah is completely alone and runs to the Light of Day institute to seek help, but instead has visions of all her previous lovers like Jason, Governor Burrell and her ex-husband Steve Newlin. None of them will save her from Eric and Gus, who seem to be closing in on her at the end of the episode.

Hoyt arrives in town for his mother’s funeral, and Jason has a hard timing seeing his old friend who clearly has no recollection of him.

Crazy Violet introduces Wade and Adilyn to her house and obviously they are infatuated and easily distracted by its glamour and grand stature. She drops them in a sex dungeon where they both realize that they aren’t really ready for that kind of sexual experience. Violet likely has some weird sadistic fantasy in store for the poor teens.

Sookie keeps holding on to the idea of miracles, and that she can somehow come up with a cure for Bill’s rapidly declining health. When she comes to the realization that there is nothing she can do, she vows to Bill that she will stay with him until the very end. And just like that, they are back together, having sex in front of a fireplace as if nothing ever happened.

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