Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of the Pretty Reckless, is watching ‘True Blood’ every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush. Below is the ‘Heaven Knows’ singer’s reaction to the latest episode of the final season of ‘True Blood.’ Stay tuned to PopCrush for more ‘True Blood’ guest columns from Taylor!

As we enter into the final episodes of the series, it seems that Sookie and Bill will not be receiving the happy ending we all were expecting for them. When Bill turned down Sarah Newlin’s blood, it was slap in the face for Jessica and Sookie. Sookie and Jessica somehow end up at Sam Merlotte’s, only to find that he’s packed up and left. Sam and Nicole packed up and left Bon Temps, and poor Sookie was left with a heartfelt goodbye letter.

Bill finally sets Jessica free from his reign as her maker, allowing her to reach back out to Hoyt. Jessica and Hoyt’s reunion is extremely emotional as expected or, as Jason described it, “they are simply meant to be together.” Jason surprisingly doesn’t sleep with Bridget, and instead he decides to take the route of simply getting to know her.

Bill reaches out to Eric and tells him that the only way Sookie will finally be able to move on from Bill is if he dies. He knows that he is the reason why there has been so much death and darkness surrounding her in life. Eric reaches out to Sookie and tells her that she needs to give Bill the chance to explain why he decided to be cured of Hep-V.

Eric and Ginger hook up — and it’s so awkward, as expected. As Eric looks for Pam in the basement of Fangtasia, he finds her bound to a table with a wooden stake handing over her. Gus has returned, and knows that Eric has told Sookie about Sarah.

So many questions left to answer in next week’s final episode of 'True Blood'!

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– Taylor Momsen

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