Taylor Momsen, frontwoman of the Pretty Reckless, is watching ‘True Blood’ every week and writing recaps of each episode exclusively for PopCrush. Below is the ‘Heaven Knows’ singer’s reaction to the series finale of ‘True Blood.’

The series finale begins with Bill asking Sookie to give him the true death with her fairy powers so she can live a life as an ordinary human and not have to worry about being vampire bait the rest of her life. While Bill is explaining to Sookie why he must die, Eric had enough time to feed Sarah Newlin Pam’s blood and set her free. Pam and Eric then killed the Yakuza and Mr. Gus before they even had a chance to reach Sookie at home.

When Jessica and Hoyt arrive back at Bill’s estate, Bill decides that he needs to know Jessica will be spoken for once he is gone. Cue the wedding bells! During Jessica and Hoyt's rushed but emotional wedding, Sookie realizes she can hear Bill's thoughts. The closer he gets to the death the more human he is becoming. After the wedding, Sookie tells Bill to meet her at his gravesite at sundown, and she promises that she will give him the true death. Things can and do only end tragically for these two as they share one final embrace before Sookie kills Bill with a wood stake through the heart. Bill Compton is officially gone.

The finale ends with multiple flash-forwards — Pam and Eric synthesized Sarah Newlin’s blood and filmed an infomercial for New Blood. A few more years go by and they are back in Fangtasia and Eric is back on the trine and Pam is letting vampires feed on a chained Sarah Newlin for $100,000 per minute. That following Thanksgiving, the whole Bon Temps gang is gathered around the Stackhouse residence. Jason married Bridget and had three kids. Sookie is pregnant and happily married to a man; who that man is will forever be a mystery.

And just like that, we have reached the end of 'True Blood'...

– Taylor Momsen

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