Don't expect Taylor Schilling to engage you online any time soon.

The Orange is the New Black actress had some choice words for our current social media climate and just how much she disapproves of Internet culture in general. In an interview with Elle Canada she said, "There is something so sad about going online and seeing almost everyone shouting 'Notice me, notice me!' Which is such a human desire—to be acknowledged. But me responding to that with some sort of 'You're noticed, you're seen' only perpetuates the loneliness. Because I'm not seeing you; I'm not noticing you."

And while her words may sound harsh, she says she believes people deserve more than what they ultimately get from reaching out online. She said, "And whoever you are, you so deserve to be noticed and valued. I feel lucky to have not grown up with the Internet because it forced me to get out, struggle and be so messy."

Taylor went on to bash Kim Kardashian — probably the most well-known celebrity who has profited most obviously from her online presence — saying, "It has almost become a defiant thing at this point because I do not believe this celebrity Kim Kardashian culture is what I signed up for. I'd rather create something honest than try to create something for a social-media account."

Taylor believes the face most people present on social media is not an authentic one, and she isn't wrong. The ability to pick and choose what aspects of our lives we present to the world is what's so appealing about apps like Instagram and Facebook. She said, "It takes a lot of bravery to be authentic and honest and to take that social mask off in order to connect with another human being. So much of what makes us who we are is smoothed away online. And what truly connects us is the wrinkles, not the smoothness."

Taylor also admits that she might just be too sensitive to engage online, saying, "I am susceptible to what people think; I think we all are. So it's just easier for me to not engage with it too much."

You can check out the full June 2015 issue over at Elle Canada.

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