There was no preparing for the betrayal to which Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" speaks. The corresponding fight sequence? That was planned-for well in advance.

The video for Swift's latest chart-topping single swings for the fences from the very first scene, which finds the 1989 singer and pal Selena Gomez engaging in some Bruce Lee-worthy battle choreography. And today (July 21), Swift shared what Day One of training for the segment—which ultimately finds her crashing out of a window and landing on a sedan—looked like. In short: You won't want to mess with her.

In an Instagram video Swift posted this afternoon (July 21), the singer takes on a handful of worthy opponents, whom she mime-punches and kicks before tossing each to the ground. And though the tone's undeniably serious, it was published in the spirit of celebration: The fight's finished product helped her score some of her nine Video Music Awards nominations, which were announced among the full list of contenders this morning.

"Throwback to my first day of fight training for the Bad Blood music video. Thank you so much for the 9 nominations. You can vote for Video of the Year NOW!" Swift captioned the short film, in which she takes her opponents down like they're a trio of paper dolls.

Impressed by T. Swift's moxie? Check out the full list of VMA nominees, and tell us if you think she'll sweep her categories.

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