Taylor Swift's back with a brand-new commercial for Diet Coke -- and this one features multiplying kittens and a sneak peek at a never-before-heard track from '1989.'

The spot starts out with T. Swift casually drinking a refreshing Diet Coke as she plays with one cute-beyond-words kitten. But every time she takes a sip and looks down at the kitty, she notices one more cat than before -- until the entire room is filled, floor-to-ceiling, with felines. (You sure that's Coke you're drinking, Taylor?)

Besides the squeal-worthy adorableness of all of the kittens, the most exciting thing about Taylor's new Diet Coke commercial is the snippet of the '1989' song that's playing in the background! The bubbly track features an awesome beat and lyrics like, "And that's how it works / That's how you get the girl, girl…" We can't wait for this one!

In other T. Swift news, the singer addressed angry UK fans who were disappointed that 'Out of the Woods' wasn't available on iTunes UK. In a post on her Tumblr page, T. Swift explained that the reason for that was a marketing strategy her label administered:

"To my wonderful UK fans," Taylor wrote, "I realize that you are not yet able to get ‘Out Of The Woods’ due to a new strategy my record label is working on in the UK.  I’ve never been one to hold my music back from any of you so I will be watching closely to see if this is ultimately a better experience for you, the fans."

She added that the strategy is something that Ed Sheeran has also used in the past, to happy results.

"My good friend Ed Sheeran utilized the same strategy with ‘One’ in the UK and he seemed very happy with the feedback from his fans," she continued. "But, ultimately, it’s down to you. Let me know."

Of course, as bummed as UK fans may have been, we're pretty sure everyone was all smiles once they saw the nicknames she signed off with: "Peace out.
Taylor/Natalie/Becky," Taylor concluded. Could we possibly love her any more?

Taylor Swift's True Love: Cats