In addition to her career as an incredibly successful and talented musician and singer/songwriter, Taylor Swift is basically a walking Pinterest board. She's crazy crafty (and also crazy good at it), especially as evidenced by this insane Drake-themed needlepoint that she made for her good friend Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran will reveal the crazy craftwork tonight on his upcoming MTV documentary, 'Nine Days and Nights of Ed Sheeran,' but fortunately, MTV has a sneak peek of the hilarious needlepoint.

Looking like something that would reside in a farm house in the 1800s (in the best possible way, of course -- love us some rustic decor here at PopCrush!), the sweet craft is clearly sewn with some serious care and precision. It features lyrics from one of Drake's most famous songs, 'Started From the Bottom,' as well as everyone's favorite expression, "the struggle is real." But most importantly, the needlepoint -- filled with alternating blue and gold stars -- also features tiny little Ed-and-Taylor stick figures, with Sheeran saying 'LEGOS' and Swift saying 'CATS' in hilarious conversation bubbles coming from their mouths. Sheeran's portrait even features his signature ginger hair and his trusty acoustic guitar in hand. The 'Red' singer clearly wanted to take every important detail into account, and to be honest, we're pretty impressed.

Click the link below to see some snaps of Taylor Swift's fancy craft, and be sure to tune into Ed Sheeran's MTV documentary when it airs tonight on MTV at 10/9c.

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