You may think those semi-synchronized "Hot in Herre" moves Taylor Swift and HAIM performed behind Nelly during a show on her 1989 World Tour were the product of some impromptu stage fun, but you’d be dead wrong. All four women planned and rehearsed those dance moves backstage, and Taylor wants you to watch that footage for yourself.

The "Blank Space" singer posted a clip of the four of them rehearsing their goofy backup dance to Nelly's 2002 classic "Hot in Herre," which then seamlessly transitioned into footage of the real deal. She also posted a short clip of the final result, showing her and the members of HAIM dressed in matching white outfits behind Nelly.

According to Taylor’s captions, she and Nelly are also “Old friends.” This makes sense when you consider that Taylor is friends with everyone ever.

She also wrote, “@derrtymo has come out to surprise the crowd on my last 3 tours. I absolutely adore him.”

Nelly also posted about Taylor and HAIM on Instagram, writing, "My now world famous background singers " THE NELL-ETTS " rehearsals before there [sic] debut the other night....!!! @taylorswift @haimtheband ...!! Love these young ladies..!!! Keep killing them.!!"

While Taylor’s received some good natured teasing for consistently bringing out huge celebrities during her tour (look no further than this video, for a perfect example), she recently revealed her reasoning behind doing it.

When Taylor brought Mick Jagger out during one of her shows, a 72-year-old woman (and hardcore Rolling Stones stan) flipped out — and captured it all on camera. Taylor tweeted out the video and wrote, “Why I like bringing out surprise special guests on tour.”

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