It appears to be on like Donkey Kong. More photographic evidence of America's sweetheart Taylor Swift and One Direction cutie Harry Styles – affectionately known as Haylor -- have surfaced, seeming to confirm that they are indeed dating. Or at least we know something is bubbling underneath the surface between them.

Swift and Styles embarked on a romantic stroll in New York City's Central Park Zoo on Dec. 2, walking side-by-side but never holding hands or stopping to steal a kiss. Their body language, though, seemed to speak volumes. Swift, looking sweetly stylish in skinny jeans, Oxfords, an eggplant-hued coat and mustard yellow scarf, looked casual, while Hazza wore jeans, a green army style coat and a slouchy beret holding back his famous coif of curls.

They were joined by Harry's stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiance Tom and their child, Lux. A source told E! that Haylor "seemed happy to be together, talking and smiling..." As if there would be any reason for these two not to be smiling.

If they are indeed a couple, they are a good-looking one at that. Plus, what's more romantic than walking around a park in the biggest city in the world when you are two very famous young pop stars and you appear to be nurturing a brand new, nascent relationship?

PopCrushers, what do you think of these photos? Is it proof positive that Swift and Styles are dating?

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