Nicki Minaj and Taylor Swift joined forces on stage. And just like that, the Twitter beef has officially been squashed.

By now, everyone has seen (and commented on) Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj's back-and-forth about the MTV Video Music Awards' Video Of The Year nominations. And, in what was very clearly a public gesture of peace, the two kissed and made up — via live performance in front of millions, of course — in the opening of tonight's MTV Video Music Awards.

Kicking off with a rousing, appropriately Trinidadian-themed performance of The Pinkprint's "Trini Dem Girls," Nicki Minaj then moved swiftly into her throbbing club cut "The Night Is Still Young." And that's when it happened: PLEASE welcome to the stage...Taylor Swift!

Together, the two duetted in a weird sing-off between the main stage and the B-stage before meeting halfway. And that's when things got...bad. Err, bad blood, to be exact.

Uh oh. DRAMA?! With a fierce hair flip, Taylor launched into her heavily nominated-track, and the two took turns circling and dramatically side-eying each other. And by the end, they were all smiles and hugs and rainbows. That's just how it goes when you're officially inducted into Taylor Swift's BFF crew!

And there you have it: One less stan war for the forums. Sorry, bored teens! Find another inconsequential pop squabble to bicker about.

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