'The Voice' battle rounds are finally upon us this season, and not only does this mean the contestants will get cut in half, but the new "steal" rule has us pretty stoked. Each coach is allowed two steals, giving a previously eliminated contestant during the battle rounds a second chance to get to the finals.

Welp. "May the odds be ever in your favor."

Casey Muessigmann and Terry McDermott on Team Blake are the first to battle it out in the boxing ring style match. To prepare for their battle royale, the duo met with both Blake and guest mentor Michael Buble to practice 'Carry on Wayward Son' by Kansas, and their pre-performance turned out to be a more of a belting match than a genuine vocal competition, but hey, guess they're saving that for the actual battle rounds.

The fightin' words came out during their rehearsal. McDermott said that Casey was "in his way" towards finding success, but Shelton admitted that "Casey has the most growth." So ... who will survive?

McDermott's the golden boy in this round with the perfect pitch, Muessigmann has the whole country twang going on despite his hardest to adapt to the rock song, leading most to believe that Shelton would stick with his own kind and choose the latter. Both gave strong performances and truly sang for their lives, and the two gentleman showed off their gritty vocal abilities ... but it's 'The Voice,' so only one can move on.

"You both have a great voice with a lot of power, someday this will make sense, but I think this battle comes down that to Terry knows what his voice is a little bit more," said Shelton. "He's the winner this time."

And with Casey standing on stage, host Carson Daly made sure to let everyone awkwardly know that the "steal" option was still available ... and no one pushed the button. "That hurts," said Muessigmann.