In an inexplicable hour-and-a-half long episode, in order to fill the time, there were a bunch of extra performances and B-roll footage, and when it was Terry McDermott's turn, the show made no exception in the storytelling.

McDermott hung with coach Blake Shelton at his house with his wife and son, and (surprise!), McDermott's own father walked in, to the complete and utter shock of his son, who just sat there stunned. It was a touching moment, sure, but we just wanted to hear the man sing!

In the first of his three performances (one new solo, one old solo, one with a coach), McDermott and Shelton took to the stage to sing Aerosmith's 'Dude Looks Like a Lady.' It felt a bit uninspired, and we didn't necessarily like the twang of Shelton's voice on such a rock song, but at least his ingenue somewhat made up for it. Oddly, McDermott's voice was at its best during the verses rather than the repetitive chorus.

The classic rock singer is back for a new song for his second performance: 'Broken Wings' by Mister Mister, a song McDermott claims is his son's favorite, which is a nice touch and awfully awesome knowing that young kids are still getting exposed to equally awesome music of the 80's.

For a guy who has near-perfect pitch, he started off a bit flat, but he picked it up as he continued on with the verse. Still, as much as his vocals were on point, and as much energy and passion he gave with this performance (his straining vocal chords being a key sign of that), it felt a bit boring and lackluster, and we wish he would've sang something more upbeat, something more like Guns N' Roses.

Judges Thoughts: "I could tell something was going wrong from the beginning ... you recovering tonight is why you're still here," said Adam Levine. "That's a big thing!" His coach praised him, saying that he's basically magic whenever he touches the stage.

In his last performance of the night, McDermott reprised 'I Want to Know What Love Is,' perhaps his best and finest performance of the show. Like the last time, his vocals were seriously on point and the crowd managed to connect with the song despite having heard it for the first time from McDermott not too long ago. Nonetheless, it was nice to hear it for a second time, because it's always rewarding to see a contestant find their strength and niche in a song.

Make sure you tune in tomorrow night to see who will be crowned season three's winner of 'The Voice!'

Watch Terry McDermott Perform 'I Want to Know What Love Is' on 'The Voice'
Watch Terry McDermott Perform 'Broken Wings' on 'The Voice'