Terry McDermott got off to a great start on 'The Voice;' with his rocker ways and great voice, he was a shoe in for the competition. But then he stalled and almost went home last week, so it's a good thing he's changing his tune -- literally -- this week of the show.

He chose a song by his coach Blake Shelton called 'Over,' which sounded pretty awesome during rehearsals. What was most interesting, though, is we didn't hear any kind of twang in his voice during said rehearsals, so is he going to just turn a country song into a rock song to better suit his vocals?

Kind of. You can immediately tell that the song is a country one given the arrangement of the music itself, but still, McDermott offered nothing new to the people watching him perform. His voice sounded the same, it sounded fine, but it would've been nice to hear some range from a guy who has the talent to take things to the next level.

Echoing our thoughts on the lack of enthusiasm? Christina Aguilera. "I hadn't really heard your voice and the range when it hits the lower verses ... but once the second chorus came you sailed through in the range in which it shines," said the songstress. "It was a solid performance."