Up first for Team Blake on 'The Voice' was Scottish rocker Terry McDermott, who has been doing phenomenally well throughout the season so far.

Helping out Blake tonight is Scott Andrews, Shelton's very own producer. Tasked with singing Bryan Adams' classic 'Summer of 69,' McDermott performed perfectly well during rehearsals, which is typical and sometimes kind of boring considering he always sings the same kind of music.

As usual, his performance was pretty on key and entertaining, more so than usual, so that's a plus from the sometimes boring rocker. But as with rehearsals, we already know that he can nail the rock songs, so why not challenge him with a different genre or female vocalist? Not only would it push McDermott to sing outside of his comfort zone, but it'd give the audience something new to watch, and we all know how bored audiences have a tendency to get.

"I mean what can I say? You're always so spot on," said Christina Aguilera, before commenting on how he always performs on his tip toes, a fact that has actually been brought up numerous times on the show. Who knew?!

The rest of the coaches were blown away by his performance, which yes, is understandable because it was good, but it's the same thing week after week. Redundant, much?