The 1975 did a doozy on those insistent on dismissing them when they reinvented themselves with their excellent sophomore release I Like it When You Sleep for You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It. So it is that they’ve continued to deliver on the unexpected front with the music video for "A Change of Heart," their even-tempered ode to falling out of love.

In the clip, singer Matt Healy plays a sad-sack clown, who ruins his own chances of getting the girl when a carnival date goes south fast. The final snapshot sees an image of heartbreak at its most overt: There Healy's lonely clown sits on a bench, beneath a grey storm cloud that fails to extend beyond him -- a break up can be so isolating within its own parameters, you know?

In his own words (as indicated via notes he posted to Instagram), Healy imagined the clown character as a “not as smooth” Gene Kelly with “less confidence," like "Michael Jackson meets Charlie Chapman." And considering the brief-but-charming choreography, it's a successful attempt at melding the two legends while instilling some of Healy's own mopey charisma.

“I want to convey the sense of resignation in being a clown. I am, have always been and will always be a clown. I think it can tire people,” he wrote, further down the page. “For the sake of subtext and self reference it should be black and white. Also more chic."

Check out The 1975's music video for "A Change of Heart" above.