When Madonna first came out with 'Like a Virgin,' we're not so sure she had this in mind.

Sister Cristina, the nun who won 'The Voice of Italy' (Italy's version of 'The Voice'), is back with her own version of the Madonna hit -- and it gives the track an entirely new perspective.

While the lyrics are surprisingly the same, they definitely take on a whole new meaning when sung by a nun. Of course, Madonna's version is all about having sex "like the very first time" -- but Sister Cristina's is more about her relationship with God. Confusing? Definitely -- but it also kind of makes sense, considering 'Like a Virgin' could be taken to mean 'Like the Virgin Mary' and "touched for the very first time" could allude to being touched by God. Interesting.

But besides the shocking choice of song, it's Sister Cristina's voice that once again has everyone talking -- as well as the gorgeously shot, black and white video. Check it out above!

What do you think of Sister Cristina's cover of 'Like a Virgin'?

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