Tonight, after months of anticipation and a two-hour results show, a winner of 'The Voice' was crowned: Tessanne Chin.

The Top 20 returned to accompany the three finalists, with the finalists getting to choose who joined them on the stage for a performance. Hello, popularity contest! (But don't worry, those contestants not chosen still got the consolation prize of being allowed to jump on stage for some group numbers.) Jacquie Lee chose her pals Cole, Caroline, James, and Matthew to sing 'Bohemian Rhapsody.' Personally, we think Cole should be allowed to re-enter the competition, solely based on his amazing falsetto during this performance. Who knew his voice could go that high? Well, now we know.

Will chose his buddies Cole, Caroline, Austin and Jonny (clearly Cole and Caroline are winning this popularity contest, big time) to join him for country tune 'Wagon Wheel.' Will broke out the banjo for this one, Caroline played tambourine and the rest of the boys played their guitars. If all else fails, these five should join forces because we think they would make a pretty sweet country group. You heard it here first.

Tessanne brought back James, Grey, Olivia and Preston. Together they sang 'Hold On, I'm Comin'' by '60s soul duo Sam and Dave. It's been a while since we've seen Olivia, Grey and Preston, and this performance reminded us of their talent and ability to entertain. Preston also demonstrated some super sweet dance moves, much to our enjoyment.

The finalists each got a chance to sing with a major star, living out the fantasy of many a pop fan. Paramore showed up to sing their song 'Ain't It Fun' with Jacquie. The performance was a ton of fun to watch, mostly because of lead vocalist Hayley Williams' awesome neon orange hair and the backup church choir who popped in for the last verse.

Watch Jacquie Lee Perform 'Ain't It Fun' With Paramore

Tessanne got the chance to sing with her idol, the one and only Celine Dion -- no easy feat, as Celine is known as one of the most talented vocalists in the entire universe. But if Tessanne was at all intimidated or nervous, it sure didn't show.

Watch Tessanne Chin Sing 'Love Can Move Mountains' With Celine Dion

Will sang 'Wake Me Up' with vocalist Aloe Blacc. That song is so darn catchy that we're pretty sure we will be singing it now for the next several days. "So wake me up when it's all over…" Yep, it's already begun.

Watch Will Champlin Perform 'Wake Me Up' With Aloe Blacc

Tonight's finale was filled with musical guest spots galore. OneRepublic, who have appeared on 'The Voice' numerous times, performed their new single 'I Lived.'

Watch OneRepublic Perform 'I Lived'

Celine Dion returned, because of course, one performance wasn't enough for this diva. She was joined by her new collaborator Ne-Yo for their duet 'Incredible.'

Watch Celine Dion Perform 'Incredible' With Ne-Yo

And if that wasn't enough entertainment for you, Lady Gaga finished things off with her song 'Do What U Want,' joined by 'Voice' coach Christina Aguilera, while they wore matching outfits and matching platinum blonde hair and drank champagne.

Watch Lady Gaga Perform 'Do What U Want' With Christina Aguilera

And of course, what you care most about… the results!

The second runner up was Will Champlin, whose obvious disappointment was written all over his face. Sorry, Will! The first runner up was Jacquie Lee, leaving Tessanne Chin as the big winner! Tessanne performed her new Ryan Tedder-penned single, through many tears, with her adorable husband and mom looking on. So many tears and happy feelings! And confetti! Congrats Tessanne on your big win, which we think is very well deserved.

And with that, Season 5 of 'The Voice' comes to a close... and what a season it was!