We've already aged One Direction to see who the "hottest" senior citizen would be, and now we're taking a glimpse at what the Wanted will look like in the future. Just like the dudes from 1D, the guys from the Wanted are much, much prettier as young adults, but it's up to you to decide: After vieweing the digitally altered photos below, who gets your vote for the hottest senior citizen in the Wanted?

Tom Parker is up first, and he's definitely one of the better looking old dudes. He looks like a wise old English chap that you'd seek out for important life advice. Meanwhile, Nathan Sykes looks like he'd be the wise-cracking grandpa, but his smile also says that he'd have the most awesome candy at his house, not those gross licorice-flavored gummies.

And even though the program we've used makes him look like he'd been tanning for the last 50 years of his life, Siva really doesn't look all that bad! Max doesn't either, with the wrinkles giving him an astute appearance rather than that creepy old man look. The same cannot be said for Jay McGuiness, who looks a bit withered away in his old folks photo, causing our eyes revert back to the young, curly-haired cutie we've all come to love.

Which member of the Wanted is the "hottest" (if you can even call it that) senior citizen? Get a good laugh scrolling through their before and after photos and vote below!