So you think you can dance? And no, we ain't talking about the silly TV show, either. That's just what we feel and want to do when we listen to the Wanted's new single 'Chasing the Sun,' which officially lands today (April 17). Once you take a listen to this jam, we think you will share our sentiments and start grooving on the quick. This is one of those songs that lodges itself into your brain.

Loaded with embedded beats and lots of "Whoa oh oh oh oh" lines in the chorus, this fun romp will get your butt out of the chair and dancing around your living room like no one is watching. The Wanted captured our hearts with a recent 'American Idol' performance of the smash 'Glad You Came,' and now they followed it up by sharing 'Chasing the Sun.' It's a brilliant strategy, as it keeps the group in the forefront of their fans' minds, introducing a new single while the previous one is still hotter than a fireplace poker.

The Wanted differ from their fellow "taking America by storm" British brethren known as One Direction in that they're a little older and more mature, and their brand of pop is a more club friendly and, dare we say, worldly.  'Chasing the Sun' makes that fact a bit more evident.

Now grab the song off iTunes and bounce that booty and chase the sun.

Listen to The Wanted, 'Chasing the Sun'