Good news for the Wanted fans. If you haven't gotten the chance to snatch up their debut EP today, yet another song from the highly anticipated U.S. debut has hit the Internet.

The newly leaked 'Satellite' starts out sounding like a ballad but quickly shows itself to be one of the dance tracks that put the band on the map, similar to 'Glad You Came.'

Speaking of 'Glad You Came,' the band's first U.S. smash hit was certified double platinum yesterday (April 23). Member Max George tweeted about the news, writing, "Glad You Came officially double platinum in US!!! 2 million!!! Unbelievable!"

The band have been busy promoting their cute behinds off for their EP. They recently wrapped a video for 'Chasing the Sun' (premiering tonight on MTV at 7:53PM ET), which they performed on 'The Voice' last week. The band woke up bright and early to perform 'Glad You Came' on the 'Today' show this morning.

Their hard work is certainly paying off -- the band celebrated bowing at No. 3 on the iTunes charts this morning with a trip to the Empire State Building, a cleaner bit of fun than what they likely engaged in at the Playboy Mansion last week.

Listen to the Wanted, 'Satellite'