We are in the throes and the grip of a British invasion when it comes to burgeoning boy bands One Direction and the Wanted. Cover your ears anytime you're in a mile radius of either group, because it's going to get loud. But deafening screams and shrieks aren't the only way fans show the love to either band -- they do it with their support and their wallets.

First One Direction staged a takeover of the North American boy band market -- did you see the photos from their MuchMusic appearance in Canada, where fans swarmed on the street, causing it to be shut down? Now, their fellow Brits in the Wanted have followed suit and staged a takeover of the sales charts, as their smash single 'Glad You Came' has been certified Gold in the United States, meaning it has sold over 500,000 copies.

Congrats to the boys in the Wanted. American boy band fans clearly "want" them in their lives. According to Capital FM, the single is lodged at No. 3 on iTunes chart in the U.S. The last time a British group notched such a chart position was all the way back in 1995 -- at the time, the feat was achieved by Take That, also a boy band.

What does this say about North Americans and boy bands? We have a crush on those that come from the U.K. It's not just the harmonized singing, the expertly choreographed dancing or those billion dollar smiles... It's also those accents! Swoon.

Watch the Wanted 'Glad You Came' Video